Customer Rewards At Bud's Harley-Davidson

New Bud's Harley-Davidson® Rewards Cards

Bud's Harley-Davidson® Rewards Cards Program, is a program that rewards customers for shopping at Bud's Harley-Davidson®. For every $10 spent on licensed products in the dealership, customers will receive one punch on their Bud's Harley-Davidson® VIP Coupon Card. When the card has been filled completely the card holder may redeem the Bud's Harley-Davidson® $10 VIP Coupon Card (valid for 30 days) at Bud's Harley-Davidson®.

  • VIP Coupon Card punches are good on any purchases (excluding motorcycles, insurance repairs, and ESP/warranties).
  • Once a VIP Coupon Card is redeemed it is void.
  • VIP Coupon Cards cannot be used for purchase of gift cards.
  • VIP Coupon Cards have no cash value.
  • Multiple VIP Coupon Cards may be used in one transaction.
  • If a VIP Coupon Card is used at the time of purchase, the customer starts redeeming new punches, on a new VIP Coupon Card, for the total amount spent AFTER any VIP Cards or coupons used.
  • Returns where a VIP Coupon Card was redeemed will result in an adjusted refund amount. When a VIP Coupon Card was redeemed or other discounts applied to the purchase, your refund will be for the amount you paid for the item.
  • Any Bud’s employee behind the Motorclothes, Parts or Service counters can issue a new VIP Coupon Card
  • Bud's Harley-Davidson® reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. With a time allowed to Redeem previously completed VIP cards.
Customer Rewards At Bud's Harley-Davidson