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Sam Richey

Assistant Director

Bob Calvert


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Brad Hilderbrandt


Marcia Frey

Ladies of Harley

Doug Mullins

Safety Officer

David Stigall

Membership Officer

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Joe Childers

Road Captain

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Joining a chapter helps you get the most out of your Harley-Davidson® experience. Each one is a little different than the next. No matter where in the world you go, every chapter has a distinct feel and flavor that reflects its riders. HOW DO I JOIN? Every official H.O.G.® chapter is sponsored by a Harley-Davidson® dealership, so that’s the place to start. WHAT DOES A LOCAL CHAPTER DO? What don’t they do is an easier question. Chapter members share a passion for riding, and a lot of what they do supports those interests. Riding events vary from group rides, safety courses, competitions, rallies, National H.O.G.® rides, and weekend riding trips. While riding is the main emphasis, many groups get together to raise funds for charitable causes, attend events, and more. The limitations are endless, as YOU may bring forward the next new activity idea.

Local Chapter History

River City H.O.G.® was chartered on March 22nd 1988 by Sam Barter, JR & Bill Simmons in Evansville Indiana is Sponsored by Bud's Harley-Davidson® Each Harley-Davidson® dealership has the opportunity to sponsor a local H.O.G.® Chapter. Some do not, but no chapters exist without a link to a sponsoring dealership and one Chapter per Dealership.

Event Information

For River City H.O.G.® Chapter 1210 Event Information: Visit our events page for upcoming event information.

Photos of River City H.O.G® Chapter 1210

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Membership Information

If you are a national H.O.G.® member and interested in joining a local chapter, come into Bud's Harley-Davidson® during regular business hours and pick up a local membership form or email: David Stigall (membership Officer)

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If you have a story to share on the local chapter newsletter (River City Pipeline) email information to: Brad Hilderbrandt

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Kieth Behnke

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